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    Hello... the cost of an event is always an important consideration to a family. It's Face paint 1 jpgalways very much appreciated when free items can lessen that cost. Our service offers a "Free" face painting for those who patronize your event. Not only do they walk away with the feeling of satisfaction, but they get the impression that their fair/event has gone out of their way to please them!

    Our designs are simplistic art, for fast application. All designs are of caricature paintings that sanction family values with simple and fun cartoon type illustrations. Our designs are for kids, generally for the young. Some of our face paintings are; Rainbows with Clouds,
Face paint 2 jpg Bears, Sun's, Orchids, Bouquet of Balloons, Hearts, Little Boy Cars etc. Yes they are fun simple things.

    Guaranteed to delight both kids (mostly) and parents... and... for no additional cost to them at your fair or event. Today's emphasis at the fairs and events importantly lean towards the family. Free face painting appeals to families! We hope you can use our "Gift from You"  to you community and find it in your budget to give them a thank you for patronizing your fair/event. Our portable face painting cart can facilitate your event, you can locate us where you feel it is most appropriate. All our paints are the premium of water base theatrical paint. Easy to clean off with just soap and water.

Mr. Harv's Portable Face Painting Cart is Available for your:

* Fairs *
* School Events *
* Mall Promotions *
* Church Socials *
* Arts & Crafts Shows *
* Company Parties *
* Weddings *
* Private Parties *

Mr. Harv has been Booked at:

* Merced County Fair, Los Banos California 8 Years *
* Merced County Fair, Merced California 4 Years *
* Lodi Grape Festival, Lodi California 2 Years *
* Madera County Fair, Chowchilla California *
* Lions Club 4th of July, Weaverville California *
 And Many Many More!

Fun for Kids, Great for Adults
And great for your Public Relations!

Please Call or Email for Bookings or if you have any questions!

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Mr. Harv
P.O. Box 25
Oatman, Arizona 86433
Phone: 928-201-9449 or 702-985-3590

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Mr. Harv™ 2007/2013 artist, sign painter, entertainer old time photo photographer from Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66!